Patreon tiers

Patreon Announcement

I’ve begun sharing new music on Patreon!

I’m making long-form ambient songs and releasing one per month. I’ll also be live streaming the recording process on YouTube.

Why Ambient?

Ambient music has helped me deal with anxiety and depression over the last few years. It has a calming effect and helps me relieve stress that builds up as a result of life, particularly working in the field of technology.

I also feel a strong sense of community among people who make this kind of music. There is a lot of support and collaboration.

Why Patreon?

Patreon gives creative people a way to be supported on a consistent basis for making things. I am a patron of a few other musicians and have really enjoyed the communities they have created. So, I wanted to do the same thing for my music. I’m building a Discord community for people to share about their creative struggles and goals, in hopes that we can help encourage and support each other.

I’d love to have you on board!