Patreon Pause

Hello, I’m going to pause the subscriptions here for awhile so I can figure out the best way to continue sharing my music. I am still planning to do more livestreams either on Twitch and/or YouTube, so watch out for those. Also, I’ll still be releasing music, just not as frequently. Thanks for your support!

reflections of old

This is the second long-form song, to be released in July. This is the MP3 version. If you want to download the high quality version, you can find it on Bandcamp when it releases or upgrade to the next tier. Thanks for listening!

Night sky with 2 human shadows

the calm after the storm

I’m planning to release a new ambient piece like this one every month. You’ll get this as a pre-released MP3, and I’ll send you a code for a free download on Bandcamp with higher quality audio when it releases. Hope you like it.